The Biggest Mistake I See Entrepreneurs Make

The biggest struggle I see entrepreneurs grapple with as they grow their companies is effectively transitioning from individual contributor to leader. In the beginning, the founder (or founders) [...]

Roy: From Trouble Maker to Rain Maker

Do you have somebody on your team that is competent and capable, a “latent leader” who can rally the troops, but does so… in the wrong direction? That was Roy, a self-described “trouble maker” [...]

How Your Self-deception Can Kill Your Company

In this episode, I talk with Lee Odess, COO at UniKey Technologies about their bold decision to invest heavily in their leadership development, culture, and team cohesion. Odess describes what [...]

3 Ways You Could Be Killing Your Company

Laura interviews Lee Odess, COO of UniKey, on the importance of leadership development in the workplace. What do you fear about investing in your team?