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  • Thomas Harrell

    Good stuff. Thanks, Laura & Matt for sharing. I most enjoyed that you two gave concrete actions people can take even if they are not in “official” leadership roles in their organizations.

    • Laura Gallaher

      Thanks for listening, Thomas! And yes, leaders are everywhere in an organization, not just in particular positions. Being clear about your why is useful even for (or especially for) self-leadership. Cheers!

  • Chelsea Coster

    Great podcast! I listened to the first half at my desk and the second half on a run in 90 degree Florida heat and the Zappos ring story gave mec hills! I also love the “call to action” options at the end.

    • Laura Gallaher

      Thanks Chelsea! I really enjoyed my chat with Matt. I loved that story, too. Have you thought about your own story in answer to the question: “When did you feel really proud to work for X company”?