What Does It Mean to Have the Gallaher Edge?

What Does It Mean to Have the Gallaher Edge?

Who We Are

As humans, we are very different from each other, and have chosen very different paths in life. While organizational psychology is the foundation of our practice, we are not rooted solely in psychology. We are a combination of a psychologist, an engineer, a mother of 6, a family man, an entrepreneur, a restaurant owner, a civil servant, and so much more.


What we share is a set of beliefs.


What We Believe 

  • Organizations are just people, so bring the humanity back into organizations to get the most out of them.
  • Each human is whole and resourceful, filled with their own truth, their own answers, and their own solutions.
  • Re-connecting people with their authenticity is at the core of maximizing fulfillment.

What We Do

We believe very genuinely in practicing what we preach. Part of that is vulnerability. Vulnerability is essential for leaders and teams to grow in lasting, meaningful ways. And we’re not afraid to be vulnerable.


We’re real. We put ourselves out there – telling true stories about our own development. We practice openness and acknowledge our own shortcomings and mistakes. We want to work with people who respect us EVEN MORE for our willingness to be real, imperfect humans.


What Our Values Are 

One of our core values is Progress Over Perfection. This means that striving for perfection is NEVER the goal. That we want to focus on direction, not destination, because it is too easy to always move the bar higher and continuously tell yourself that where you are is “not good enough.”


We believe accepting yourself exactly as you are accelerates your self-improvement initiatives.


We also practice Uninhibited Teamwork (another core value). This means that we want to be fully us, wherever we are. What does that mean for you when you choose to work with us?


It means that we will not hold ourselves back from going right for what we believe to be the real issue. We do not let fears of being politically correct or polite inhibit us from helping you create real solutions.



Our final core value is Power of Choice. We have so much choice in our lives that we don’t even realize. That’s a big part of why we focus on growing self-awareness. We cannot make choices consciously until we realize how many choices we have. We will regularly ask you to consider the answer to two questions: what choices have you made to be where you are, and what choices do you want to make to change it?


We release any judgment of these choices and just focus on them as a practical tool. You are all more powerful than you realize.


Our clients tell us that we are – Real. Impactful. Honest. Fun. Engaging.


And we wouldn’t want it any other way.


I ask that you give us a chance to serve you in your journey of personal and professional growth and see for yourself.


Get Started!

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