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Terrence Donnelly, CEO, Teeps

We hired Laura to help us when it felt like our whole company might break down because we couldn’t communicate effectively enough. She came in as a teacher, mentor and facilitator to help us identify the lapses in our communication and gave us tools to work through the hardest conversations so we could actually get results, make decisions and move the company forward. She is an expert in understanding people, what makes them tick, how to communicate better and have healthier interactions. If you are a CEO who is passionate about what you do, and you’re seeing how communication issues on your team are holding you back – don’t wait – work with her now to get your team aligned and have productive conversations with your executive team.”

Radley Griffin, MD, Owner/Founder, Griffin Concierge Medical

I signed up for the [Human Element] wanting to add “effective communication” to my professional skill set. I left the training with more knowledge about myself than ever before and a desire to dig even deeper.”

 Lee Odess, Former COO, UniKey Technologies 

 Working with Gallaher Edge truly is a competitive advantage. They offer growth and development that is real, impactful, and makes a difference. Working with them truly changed our company, and on an individual level, executive coaching with them was one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time.”

 Tony Thornton, President, Turbine Technology Services

 [The best part was the] creation of an environment where each individual felt comfortable describing their own weaknesses. This same environment allowed each member of the team to receive and accept constructive criticism from other team members.”

 Mike Morris, CEO, Topcoder

 The team at Gallaher Edge is unbelievably powerful. The workshops set up everything we wanted for individual development and growth, and the coaching just solidifies it. There were real, immediate, and hugely impactful changes to how we worked together after just our initial engagement, and I didn’t even think we had big “problems” as a team. But the Gallaher Edge team has really helped us up our game. Working with them has confirmed my belief that the best way to grow an organization is to develop the team you have rather than spending time trying to get a new one.”

Patrick Begley, VP, Turbine Technology Services

The workshop was excellent. It exceeded expectations and has immediately improved the management team dynamic.”

Ashley Smith, Former COO at Code School

Gallaher Edge creates a warm environment for leaders to engage in open conversation.  They make us think harder about the company we’re building and the culture we want.”