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3-Part Course:

Why Create Company Culture?

The competitive edge you didn’t know you could have

from Dr. Laura Gallaher

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Insider Edge?

/inˈsīdər / /ej/ noun: a subscription-based web platform designed to guide you and your organization through the ongoing process of growth and development.

– Denise Reimer – Implicit Career Search Practitioner at Implicit Solutions, Critical Care Coordinator BCEHS

Finally, there is something available to those who may not be available to take a full workshop right away.

There is so much value here. The questions and suggestions on this month’s webinar were perfect as I had a few of them on my list. I’m excited for the new content.”

Work Can Be Easier!

No, really, believe me.


Sometimes working with people is the hardest part of work,


but it doesn’t have to be.

You can simultaneously:

feel more confident in your company

feel more in control

have that peace of mind that every leader wants

Get the skills to:

build trust and loyalty

get your team on the same page

have open, real conversations

and actually get things done!

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If you want to reconnect yourself to your own power – over yourself – take on this challenge and become the person you want to be.