Gallaher Edge applies the science of

human behavior to your organization.

Executive Development

Leadership is a constant practice. Strong executives always stay focused on their own learning and growth, and we are here to support that. Whether it is with individual coaching, or structured workshops and experiences that create collective growth, we are seasoned experts in the continuous development of the critical leaders in your organization.

What is executive coaching?

Coaching is about helping people accomplish more from their efforts, to achieve their goals of success and happiness, whatever that is for them. Coaching helps you find answers for yourself. Coaching is different from counseling, mentoring and consulting. Coaches ask powerful questions to help you generate new insights for yourself. All our questions are from a place of curiosity. Our questions are not driving toward a specific outcome or direction, or gut feeling. In fact, if our gut is telling us something, we will share our gut feeling. We have no ego attached to our gut – we can be completely off-base and that’s fine – we always want to know what is true for you.

Where do we start?

We will start by identifying what you would like to change in your life. We have tools to help bring this into focus, but most of the time, you already have a good idea of a situation, a relationship, or an individual challenge that you would love to work through in order to achieve your goals. We start where the energy is in terms of identifying the change, and then we work to link together your behavior, the behavior of others, and the results you want to see. When these linkages are in place, we create meaningful and powerful change.

Who could benefit from coaching?

  • Executives Focused on Self-Improvement

Executives have an enormous impact on any organization. Ensure the executives in your organization are maximizing their potential and driving business results through our Executive Coaching.


  • Leaders Who are Transitioning

Transitioning to a leadership role can be a shock to the system. Utilize our Leadership Transition Coaching Plan to help new leaders identify how to apply their experiences while being open to new ones.


  • High-Potentials Who are Rough Around the Edges

Every organization has individuals who are bursting with potential and need help to focus that potential into results. Whether it’s an individual identified as high-potential through a structured succession management process or a technically astute employee who could enhance overall effectiveness through focused development, utilize our coaching engagement to accomplish your goals.

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