February 28, 6:30 – 9:00 pm

What Is An Inside Out Experience?

Just like you know it is better for your body to drink water instead of soda, and eat vegetables instead of cake, you know that it is better for your relationships to stay calm instead of snapping at your employee who asks the same question for the 3rd time or checking your smartphone while your spouse tells you about their day.


Yet sometimes we still do these things. We behave in ways that we know is not good for us. What is that about?


Honestly, sometimes you feel like you’re not fully in control of your behavior. You’re too stressed out, too tired, and there is too much happening for you to slow down and truly listen to your employees talk about their sick dog, or teach them how to do a task that you know you could do in just 5 minutes.


What Can I Do About It?

But you do have the choice in how you behave. Every second of every day, you choose. Well, you choose to the extent that you are aware of choice, which requires you to be aware of yourself.


Most leaders say they want to be transformational for their teams, but only masterful leaders invest in themselves. “Selves” being the operative word. Everything in life comes from the Inside Out.


So what happens when you begin to experience life from the Inside Out? You see that you have more choice than you ever saw before and you take back control of yourself and your life.


Join us for an experiential Inside Out evening that will change the way you see yourself and the way you walk through the world.

When Is An Inside Out Experience?

Thursday, February 28th at Starter Studio

6:30 – 9:30 pm

Sponsored in part by:


 Suneera Madhani, CEO, Fattmerchant

 I hired Laura to help prepare our team for 10x scalability by increasing team cohesion. She helped our team build trust, improve communication, and align around a common strategy to achieve our future vision that still guides us today. Also, as a CEO of a company experiencing massive growth, I’m so grateful to have a better understanding of how my own thoughts and feelings drive my behavior and my decisions. Even though crazy and amazing things continue to happen around me, I feel more confident and grounded, and I thank Laura for her contribution to that!


I founded Gallaher Edge when I realized how important it was to me to grow from the inside out, and help others do the same.

Gallaher Edge is founded on the values of the Power of Choice, Progress Over Perfection and Uninhibited Teamwork. This company, like me, is a work in progress, something that every day, I accept exactly as it is while never stopping work to progress it further.

Laura Gallaher


 Mike Morris, CEO, Topcoder

 The team at Gallaher Edge is unbelievably powerful. The workshops set up everything we wanted for individual development and growth, and the coaching just solidifies it. There were real, immediate, and hugely impactful changes to how we worked together after just our initial engagement, and I didn’t even think we had big “problems” as a team. But the Gallaher Edge team has really helped us up our game. Working with them has confirmed my belief that the best way to grow an organization is to develop the team you have rather than spending time trying to get a new one.”