What's this all about?

Dr. Laura Gallaher is an Organizational Psychologist and Executive Coach who founded Gallaher Edge in 2013. Laura helps executive teams have conversations they didn’t even know they needed to have.

• Licensed Human Element™ Practitioner
• Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology
• Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
• Certified Radical Collaboration Trainer

What Our Clients Say

“The Human Element™ has enriched my life and given me a sense of peace and calm that I’ve never before known. If the entire world could be liberated by the human element, we would be able to live a more productive, free, and peaceful life”

–Heather Gunnell, Manager, Walmart

“An incredible experience for individuals to gain insight into their own lives and how their actions affect others ”

– Colby Shytle, Organizational Development

“The thought of some of my decisions/behaviors being driven by my unconscious mind, made me realize that I could not help others, or myself in the ways I wanted. This unawareness hindered growth. Human Element™ was able to uncover a lot of my unaware feelings and thoughts that were driving my decisions/behaviors. Now, I have a lot more confident in my decisions/behaviors. ”

– Jordan Schiller, Director of Business Development, Real Thread

“Human Element has led me to make more mindful decisions, not only in my organization but in all aspects of my life ”

– Yan Tarnowicz, Human Resources, Therigy

If you want to reconnect yourself to your own power – over yourself – take on this challenge and become the person you want to be.