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What is Radical Collaboration®?

Radical Collaboration is a highly interactive 3-day workshop focused on skills that are essential to building and maintaining climates of trust and collaboration at work. The skills are immediately useful and quickly implemented. Because the training is interactive and the tools are very practical, the program is ideal for a wide range of settings and educational levels. It has worked well for groups ranging from custodians to college presidents to rocket scientists. Participants will develop these five essential skills for overcoming defensiveness and building successful relationships:

Collaborative Intention: Individuals learn how to stay in the Green Zone, maintain a non-defensive presence, and make a personal commitment to mutual success in their relationships.
Truthfulness: Individuals commit to both telling the truth and listening to the truth. They create a climate of openness that allows others to feel safe enough to discuss concerns, solve problems and deal directly with difficult issues.
Self-Accountability: Individuals take responsibility for the circumstances of their lives, the choices they make, either through action or inaction, and the consequences of those choices, both intended and unintended. They would rather find a solution than find someone to blame.
Self-Awareness and Awareness of Others: Individuals commit to knowing themselves deeply and are willing to explore difficult interpersonal issues. They seek to understand the concerns, intentions, and motivations of others, as well as the culture and context of their circumstances.
Problem-Solving and Negotiating: Individuals use problem-solving methods that promote a cooperative atmosphere. They avoid fostering subtle or unconscious competition.
The program has produced strong research-based results.

What Our Clients Say

“Laura’s workshop was great! I love how interactive it is – really shows the importance of working openly and honestly with others. The tactful expression of candor allows us to, as a team, address issues head-on and turn problem areas into opportunities for improvement. And it is those opportunities that bring impactful changes to policies and processes that affect us all. When we work together on these exercises, I believe it brings team members together by building genuine trust in each other’s opinions, and ability to deliver. I have learned that I, personally, can help get this accomplished by assuming positive intent. Nobody meant to make an error, but they do happen, and if we can count on each other to work together to move on from that, then the results could be even better than if that initial mistake was never made.”

–Whitney Magers, Account Manager, Rentals and Events at Mid Florida Golf Cars

If you want to reconnect yourself to your own power – over yourself – take on this challenge and become the person you want to be.