Using Insider Edge

This site is intended to become a part of your regular routine. You will get the most out of it if you visit often (at least weekly) to consume the content and participate in the weekly challenges. Rather than spending a large period of time absorbing a lot of content, we would suggest that you take it in bite-sized servings on a regular basis to allow for greater understanding and integration. We also strongly encourage you to participate in the challenges to add practice and experiences to your learning journey. New content will be added each Monday, so make it a point to stop by, check it out and sign up for the weekly challenge.


This is where you first land when you log in. Instantly, you will be greeted by the new content for the week which will be developed around a unifying concept. The content will be a variety of video, audio, exercises and articles and you can decide when and how to consume it over the course of the week. You’ll also have the ability to sign up for weekly challenges from here.

Monthly Webinars

Guides on how to have the life you want with daily, weekly, and monthly action steps to uncover your best self. This is where you find the most recent webinars. For now they will remain on the resources page.

Insider Edge Webinar #1

Insider Edge Webinar #2

Insider Edge Webinar #3

Insider Edge Webinar #4

Weekly Challenges

Each week, we will design a challenge that you can participate in. If you choose to sign up for the weekly challenge, you will begin receiving daily emails with instructions for what to do. These challenges will help you practice the concepts being emphasized that week to further deepen the learning experience.

Inside Out Content

On our sidebar, you will notice links to content focused on self, team and organizational culture. These links will take you to pages devoted to further content around these specific areas. You can use this to explore on your own at your own pace, or to search for answers to a specific question or challenge you may be facing. Some of this content will be arranged as tracks that guide you through a process of related content and includes exercises to perform along with the instruction. Other content will be available as individual topics. You can read more about our Inside Out model here.

Ask a Coach

For Executive memberships, there is also access to the Ask a Coach feature which enables these subscribers to submit questions to our expert coaches and consultants. We will get back to you quickly with an answer to your question and point you to any content on the site that may be helpful in further answering your question.

Leader’s Toolkit

For executives on an enterprise level membership, we have the  Leader’s Toolkit. This resource includes guidance for bringing your teams together to watch content, discuss with meaningful and thought-provoking questions, and debriefing notes. Learning together is an excellent way to create shared accountability, build trust and community through shared experiences, and demonstrate the importance of employee development to your team. While it may not be equivalent to having one of us there in person, these tools will help you facilitate impactful learning experiences with your team.

Welcome Video

Here is our welcome video which reminds you of the core beliefs that underlie the design of this site. Please check it out as a refresher anytime, or if you missed it when you first joined the site, please check it out now!


Below is our Basics Course. It is 3 modules and you can go through all of them in less than 45 minutes! Here we cover concepts that are foundational to everything else on the site.


Basics Module 1

Basics Module 2

Basics Module 3

If you want to reconnect yourself to your own power – over yourself – take on this challenge and become the person you want to be.