Workshop Experiences

At Gallaher Edge, we apply the science of human behavior to your organization so you can get your edge, achieve together, and enjoy the journey.


We guide you through a unique collection of experiences to align self, teams, and culture from the Inside Out.


Most leaders say they want to be transformational for their teams, but only masterful leaders invest in themselves. “Selves” being the operative word. Everything in life comes from the Inside Out. The best thing you can do to help your organization is to become the best leader that you can be.


Create your competitive edge by reducing defensiveness, increasing adaptability, and fostering resilience in yourself and your team. In a world of non-stop change and craziness, this workshop gives you the knowledge, skills, and self-awareness to feel in control.


Radical Collaboration is a highly interactive 3-day workshop focused on skills that are essential to building and maintaining climates of trust and collaboration at work. This experience is transformational because the skills are immediately useful and quickly implemented.


Learn how you allow the world to affect you, and you can take control over how you respond to it. Leading a Grounded Life workshop is a highly interactive and applied experience that gives you tools and techniques to ground you and help you feel in control.

What Our Clients Say

“The workshop was transformational. I left The Human Element having a much deeper understanding on what drives personal behaviors and it provided me with tools that I was able to put into action immediately.”

–Esteban Garcia, Founder and Chief Technologist, Nebbia Technology, A New Signature Company

“I signed up for the course wanting to add “effective communication” to my professional skill set. I left the training with more knowledge about myself than ever before and a desire to dig even deeper.”

– Radley Griffin, MD, Owner/Founder, Griffin Concierge Medical

“The Human Element® has enriched my life and given me a sense of peace and calm that I’ve never before known. If the entire world could be liberated by The Human Element®, we would be able to live a more productive, free, and peaceful life.”

–Heather Gunnell, Manager, Walmart

“This was a great week of learning about my real-world issues that I am able to take into my day to day life for myself and others to more effectively achieve and to live a better life!”

–Don Hadley, President, Applied Vision Works

“This has truly been a transformative training, which has empowered me to engage, create and honor what I need in all aspects of my life.”

– Sura Al-Naimi, Founder, WeOverMe

“Leading a Grounded Life is filling a gap in our own community for emerging leaders and influencers to strengthen their connectedness and interpersonal effectiveness. The length & format are just right for an accelerated growth experience.”

-Danya “Shea”, Director, UCF Blackstone Launchpad

“Leading a Grounded Life helped me understand how some of my earliest life experiences were still influencing my behaviors and decisions today, both personally and professionally. Being able to recognize and understand these dynamics has been liberating and allowed me to grow in ways that have truly made a positive difference in my day to day life.”

-Roy Johnson, Head of Commercial Products, UniKey Technologies

“Leading a Grounded Life introduces you to key concepts that allow you to better understand yourself and others around you. An amazing workshop for individuals that seek a more passionate and fulfilling life.”

– Connor Gillivan, COO of Freeeup

“[Leading a Grounded Life] gave me some simple, powerful tools for self-improvement [and] some epiphanies on my values and explaining how/why I react to things.”

– Rajiv Menon, CEO, Informulate

“I gave the opportunity for everybody at my company to go through Radical Collaboration with Laura and her team, and it had an immediate positive effect on the employees. I watched employees transform over the three days and then carry their new self-awareness and collaboration skills back to the workplace. One of our values is Teamwork with Heart, and an experiential workshop like Radical Collaboration was an awesome foundation to bring that value to life at our company.”

–Tom Cannon, CEO of National Carts