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What is Insider Edge?

/inˈsīdər / /ej/ noun: a subscription-based web platform designed to guide you and your organization through the ongoing process of growth and development.

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Work Can Be Easier!

No, really, believe me.


Sometimes working with people is the hardest part of work,


but it doesn’t have to be.

Even the smartest organizations in the world allow the difficult people issues to get in the way.
On February 1st, 2003, the Space Shuttle Colombia exploded upon re-entry killing everybody aboard. The investigation report dedicated multiple chapters to culture and decision making.
There was nothing wrong with the talent or intelligence of the team. They were – well – rocket scientists. They stopped paying attention to culture- which is what makes working with people easier.

Kennedy Space Center hired Dr. Laura Gallaher and a team of organizational psychologists to change the cultural influences that were deemed to play a role in the tragedy.


Then in 2013 Laura started Gallaher Edge, a company that helps leaders increase their awareness and their alignment by helping them have conversations they didn’t even know they needed to have.


We want to bring this work to as many leaders as possible- which is why we’ve developed our platform ­– Insider Edge.

With Insider Edge …

You can simultaneously:

feel more confident in your company

feel more in control

have that peace of mind that every leader wants

Get the skills to:

build trust and loyalty

get your team on the same page

have open, real conversations

and actually get things done!

You know you want work to be easier and feel like you’re really getting things done.

– Chelsea Coster – Director of Sales and Operations at Nebbia Technology

I was pleasantly surprised at how useful the videos were. They do a great job of packing valuable information into bite-sized videos that I can easily fit into my day. Powerful content that I can integrate into my effectiveness in all kinds of situations.”

We’re not the only ones who believe this!

company culture can affect a company in so many ways.

That’s why we get real and go right to the core of every issue and challenge at work, where real change happens – each individual human self.

Inside Insider Edge

Everybody can benefit from support, so we are here to talk you through it, when the journey gets tough, or the concepts aren’t clicking. Whether it is our Slack community or our Ask a Coach feature, we are here to clarify, guide, and support.

People are complicated creatures – but working with people doesn’t have to be that hard. We take complex concepts and break them down in a way that makes them relatable, and actionable, so you can start improving your effectiveness immediately.

Personal and professional development is a journey, not an event. While workshops and other events can be powerful, true growth is incremental in nature, which is why we have new content every week. This helps you focus on continuous progress, rather than aiming for perfection.

It’s incredibly easy to use time as a reason or an excuse to “work on that later,” but we create bite-sized content so it’s much easier to invest the time. Take 5-10 minutes, a few times a week, and real change happens!

Everybody has a different way that they prefer to consume content – that’s why we have video, audio, and written content. How do you want to learn? Plus, you can learn from your computer, your tablet, or your phone – whatever suits your lifestyle and preference!

Learning is much less powerful without application. That’s why every week, we provide a challenge. Each week, if you choose challenges are delivered directly to your inbox, guiding you with actions to take – for no more than 5-10 minutes a day. Learn by doing – integration is everything!

You can give everybody access to this same content, and we will even give you, as an executive member, exercises that you can lead with your team to help introduce, reinforce, or cement these concepts. Get everybody on your team speaking the same language.

Each month we host a live webinar to answer questions about our content, take your feedback and suggestions and discuss upcoming content. This site is for you so we like to hear what you like and what you want.

We want to help change the world, so we have created affordable plans for everybody!

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    ✔ Weekly Content

    ✔ Weekly Challenge

    ✔ Content Library

    ✔ Monthly Webinars

    ✔ Private Slack Community

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    ✔ Leader Exercises

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– Denise Reimer – Implicit Career Search Practitioner at Implicit Solutions, Critical Care Coordinator BCEHS

Finally, there is something available to those who may not be available to take a full workshop right away.

There is so much value here. The questions and suggestions on this month’s webinar were perfect as I had a few of them on my list. I’m excited for the new content.”

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